Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thirty Days Being Pescatarian My Skin Still Is Yucky

I made it thirty days being pescatarian! and I'm not really feeling all that great. My skin is still really broken out. One side of my face cleared up and now the other side is red and bumpy. I've been hiding from everyone lol.

I did some reading up, and found out that some people experience these effects because your body is detoxing. What ever left over toxins in your body from the poultry, pork, and red meats have to come out I guess. The more I read the more confused I get. I'm also retaining lots of water. My hands are a little swollen. Urgh....

My diet hasn't been good lately but that's totally my fault. Just so busy stressing over life and all I want is comfort food.... chips and cookies. I have to get a grasp on this before I gain back the few pounds I lost ( if  haven't already)

I also read that your body may have a reaction to dairy especially if the break out is along the jaw line. I LOVE CHEESE.... I would actually have to go to dairy rehab to quit. I'm going to take dairy out staring tomorrow... I just had a big bowl of ice cream to say goodbye. Hopefully this will solve my skin problems.

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