Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pescatarian Day 1 - No Meat Except Fish Diet

Today is 4th of July and I'm sitting on the couch smelling the burgers on the grill. My husband is cooking out and was nice enough to buy me some veggie burgers. He's supporting my new Pescatarian lifestyle. 

I'm still learning the ropes. So far I know that no meat is allowed (other then fish). I'm still up in the air about dairy so I plan on limiting it until I make a decision. 

I found this great channel on YouTube and I will be following some of these recipes. Stephanie is coming out with a cookbook and I will be one of her first customers. Here's one of her videos explaining canned seafood.

*Food Diary*
For breakfast today I had a banana and coffee. For lunch I will be having a salad and BBQ veggie burger. I'm still thinking about dinner but hopefully it will be something yummy

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