Monday, July 5, 2010

I Almost Ate Meat - Pescatarian Day 2

I was making my kids a sandwich and I almost put a slice of juicy, yummmy ham in my mouth! I caught myself before it was too late. I then went over to the frig and grabbed a equally juicy and yummy pickle. I really need to go grocery shopping if I'm going to stick with the pescatarian life.

I'm noticing a few changes already. I began to wean myself last week by decreasing my meat consumption. First, I started with portion size, and then cut back to once a day. Day two my body seems to be going through a cleansing stage (use your imagination).

 It's 2pm and all I've had today is that pickle. I'm hungry but so busy. I guess if I have enough time to type this I have enough time to make a salad.

Oh, before I forget, my starting weight is 141lbs, my skin is clearing up a bit ( not sure if t's due to the acne treatment or lack of meat), I feel sad but, that's because life is not treating me kind lately. Tonight I'm going out to eat mussels and drink wine with a few friends.

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