Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pescatarianism Day-3

Pescatarian Day 3 and today I feel great! I guess my body is going through that cleansing stage a bit more because of my increased fruit intake. I never eat bananas but, they are fulfilling my sweet tooth---- for now. I'm also cutting back on those yummy pastries.

Last night I went to my favorite restaurant and had mussels. They were so yummy. I have to learn how to make them tender the way they do. They melt in your mouth!

Today I got off to a late start. I had brunch and ate salad, coffee, and a left over cupcake ( I know, naughty cupcake). Anyway, there's no more pastries in the house ( I ate them all) and I will be turning them down in the future. I never buy sweets. People bring over cupcakes, donuts and other pastries for the kids. I have no willpower. Lucky for me that's not to often.

Tonight I will be making salmon and green beans.

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