Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pesco-Vegetarianism - Day 5 - Weight Loss

Day 5. I'm now 138.5 lbs. Pesco-Vegetarianism has the benefit of loosing all of those extra meat pounds--- I guess. I hope I can get back down to 130lbs by the end of August. I'm happy with my 3 1/2 lbs weight loss.

This morning, the electricity was out so I took the kids to Chick-fa-la for breakfast. They ordered a sausage and cheese biscuit and I had a egg and cheese biscuit. Their sausage smelled soooooo good, and I was really considering eating a piece. I stayed strong and tossed their leftovers right into the trash!

I have a box of Goya red beans and rice, and a bag of frozen broccoli. That's what I'm making for dinner tonight. I hope these sudden urges to eat what my kids are eating fade soon. They're becoming a nuisance.  

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