Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shrimp & Grits Low Calorie Recipe

Shrimp and Grits can be low calorie! While on a diet I came up with this southern favorite. It's low calorie, easy to make and super fast. It took under 20 minutes to prepare from start to finish! Best of all it's around 300 calories!

This recipe is something that I came up with tonight. It was delicious! Very spicy and filling. The smell alone was enough to die for.

Instant Grits (130 calories )
Olivia Spray Butter ( 0 calories
Red Pepper ( 10 calories ) estimated
Garlic ( 10 calories ) estimated
Red Onion (10 calories ) estimated
Shrimp ( frozen already cooked ) ( 100 calories )
Old Bey Seasoning
Olive Oil Cooking Spray
Laughing Cow Cheese ( chipotle lite 35 calories )


1.Prepare grits according to packaging. Add one wedge of Chipotle Laughing Cow Cheese and stir until melted.

2. In a skillet, add olive oil cooking spray, red onions, garlic, shrimp, and old bey seasoning. Sautee until shrimp curl up and onions, garlic, and red pepper are soft. ( add ingredients to taste )

Pour grits into a bowl and cover it with satueed shrimp and left over gravy from the pot.


Estimated calories =   around 300 calories :)

Sill counting calories and this original Shrimp and Grits recipe is one of my pescatarian favorites!

Pictures coming soon!

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