Sunday, January 16, 2011

Increase Your Protein And Loose Weight Being Pescatarian!

I think I finally got this being a pescatarian thing down. I began in June and was upset because I gained weight. In my previous post I discussed my workout routine. I was able to follow it last week and as a result lost 4 lbs!

The working out helped but the good news that I received from a vitamin shoppe employee was what helped me jump start my metabolism.

She said that I was not getting enough protein and that's why my body was holding onto the fat. She suggested that I up my protein with shakes and high protein meals. I went to the market and bought milk, cheese, eggs, nuts and soy products.

She told me that seafood was not nearly enough protien. I eat seafood a few times a week but I have other forms of protein daily now. With each meal, I make sure that it has some form of protein in it. When I'm crunched for time I grab a protein shake.

She assured me that if I lifted weights and did resistance cardio ( cross ramp and the treadmill on incline ) that I would loose fat and become lean.

Next week I hope to loose around 3 lbs.

Current weight 141lbs.
Goal Weight 132 lbs ( I think lol )

Here's a few protein boosters that I've added to my diet on a more regular basis.

Garden Burgers and Veggie Sausage
Protein Shakes and Bars
and of Course Seafood!


  1. i love being a Pescatarian now i dont think i miss out on much either

  2. Great to hear you are doing well. Protein is important, good to hear you are getting it sorted. Here is a link to some info about how much protein you need.
    If you listen to Tim Ferris (The Four Hour Body), it's also important when you eat it. Morning should be a glass of COLD water with a few grams of protein within 30mins of waking in the morning. He suggests a teaspoon of almond (or peanut) butter.
    For a few more insights you may wish to visit my site